Up Up and Away
Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Juan. I am going to use this Tumblr for various things: interest, problems, rants, thoughts, and whatnot's. Somethings might leave questions because some post might be from before I started this. Also, I'm here for anyone who might need some advice; I like to help people.
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Foto por flickr : gwagwa

Bring Me The Horizon by Matt Waterhouse on Flickr.
Anonymous: I haven't confronted her. She was always busy with things and we eventually grew apart. I always see her smiling and having fun while on the other hand, I am in her opposite state. I feel depressed by this. I mean, she's unfair and heartless and there's a part of me that wants to stab her to death so badly and another part wants to hug her and say to her that i've missed her so much


If it’s bothering you that much, I think you should at least confront her so that you can move on/forward.

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